Want To Sell Your Home Soon? 3 Benefits Of Hiring Tree Service Professionals

As soon as you decide that you are going to sell your home, you should start investing in preparation so that you can make the place look as impressive as possible. Cleaning and staging are two things that will make a noticeable difference throughout your home’s interior. If you want to impress on the outside, you should also hire a tree service company for assistance. Watering Adjustments Whether you water your trees with a hose or by using an irrigation system, you may have been using the same amount of water for each tree for a long time.

Mitigating Tree Flooding Damage

Even though trees need water to survive, a serious flood can spell doom for your trees. A quick intervention, however, can help you save your flood-damaged trees instead of removing them. Below are some of the tips you can use to save your trees. Drain the Water If there is standing water covering the base of the trees, then you should drain the water away as soon as it is safe to do so (this should be after the storm).

Landscaping Strategies To Keep Your Property Beautiful

If you are wanting to make sure that your property looks its best, there will need to be a dedicated effort to maintain the landscaping. While this can be an aspect of owning property that may seem optional, the benefits of having attractive and healthy landscaping can make a major impact on the property. What If You Property Has Poor Topsoil? Having high-quality soil is one of the key ingredients to having beautiful landscaping.

Reasons Why Your Sprinkler Head May Be Spraying Everywhere But Where It Should

If you have sprinklers in your yard, you expect those sprinklers to water the grass and plant life that the sprinkler is designed to target. Unfortunately, you may notice that the grass or plants are beginning to turn brown, as they are not getting the water that they should. You may turn on your sprinklers and see that they are spraying in a different direction or not hitting the area they should, and this may leave you wondering why.

Preparing To Have A Tree Removed: Four Steps To Take

Whether you are having a tree removed to clear space for a landscaping project or you want to get rid of a dead tree on your property, there are some steps you should take before your tree service gets started on the project. Here are some tips to prepare for having a tree removed from your property. Contact The Electric Company If your tree is close to power lines, you’ll need to contact the electric company in advance.

When To Trim Or Prune Trees And Shrubs

When it comes to the care of your yard, you want to make sure you do things according to a schedule that is best for your foliage, trees, lawn, and other items that may be included in your landscape. Many homeowners feel the right time to trim their trees is when they are becoming a nuisance by hanging in the way of the walkway, growing into nearby power lines, or scraping the top of their roof.

3 Essential Reasons Why Homeowners Need To Call Tree Trimming Professionals

Do you have a property with one or more large trees growing on it? Has it been more than a couple years since you had a tree professional come out to inspect and prune the tree or trees? You might be thinking that it’s silly and pointless since forests grow all over the world without input from humans. While it may be true that wild trees can grow in a forest without any input from humans, there are multiple differences between your tree and a wild tree.

5 Reasons To Invest In Regular Tree Trimming Services

If you want to keep your yard looking and feeling great, it’s a good idea to get help from professional. Trying to keep up with yard care tasks on your own can be frustrating, and it can take a lot of time and cause a lot of stress, too. There are landscaping pros and tree-trimming companies that are willing and able to help you, no matter how small or large your lawn is.

5 Steps To Getting Your Trees Winter Ready

With winter just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about getting your trees ready for the cold season. Here’s a look at the steps you should take to protect the trees on your property. Remove Or Relocate Seedlings Walk around your yard and look for any seedlings that have popped up. These baby trees will usually be at the base of the parent tree, but squirrels, chipmunks, birds, and other animals will also do their own planting away from mature trees.

Best Tips For Keeping The Trees In Your Yard As Healthy As Possible

A beautiful yard that features gorgeous grass and lush, full trees is something that many people yearn for. A great yard makes the house shine and when the trees are in good condition it gives you an excuse to pull out a lawn chair and bask in the shade that they provide. However, getting to this point is going to take some work. The trees in your yard need a lot of tender loving care if you want to them to blossom and reach their maximum potential.

Tree Needs Trimming? Why You Shouldn't Do It Yourself

Do you have trees in your yard that are overgrown? If so, you may be tempted to trim them on your own rather than call a professional. However, be aware that there are mistakes that can be made when trimming a tree if you have no experience in this area. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t perform tree trimming on your own. Safety Concerns The biggest thing to be concerned about when trimming a tree is your safety.

Why Big Trees Shouldn't Be Too Close To The House

Do you have big trees growing close to your house? If so, then you should know that you are exposing your home to various risks by letting those trees continue growing. Here are some of the specific dangers of letting a big tree grow too close to the house: Its Roots Can Damage the House One of the dangers of planning a tree too close to the house is that it can end up damaging your foundation.

Just A Little Off The Top: 4 Essential Reasons You Need To Trim Your Trees

When you have trees in your yard, you need to provide them with more than just water and fertilizer. While those two items are essential to good health, there are a few other services your tree will require. One of them is protection against bugs and diseases. Another one is good grooming, which requires proper trimming and pruning. If it’s been a while since you had your trees trimmed – or they’ve never been trimmed – you need to have that service taken care of as soon as possible.

Winter Is Finally Here: How To Protect Your Trees From Cold-Weather Damage

Winter is finally here, which means the cold weather has settled in. While you may be enjoying the cold weather and the snow, your trees may be having a hard time. This is particularly true if you live in a region that experiences significantly harsher winters than the rest of the country. To make sure the harsh winter weather doesn’t damage your trees, here are four simple steps you can take.

4 Tips to Help You Remove a Stump Without Chemicals

There are a number of chemical preparations, most of which are either pure potassium nitrate or a mixture containing this compound, that can be used to help disintegrate and remove tree stumps. However, if you’re trying to remove your stump in the most eco-friendly manner possible, you may wish to use more natural means. Leave the stump alone for about a decade, and it will slowly rot away. If you don’t have ten or more years to wait, however, you can use these tips to naturally get rid of the stump a lot faster.

Spring Tree And Shrub Care: Will Root Fertilizing Keep Them Healthier?

Most soils in the Midwest supply enough macronutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus and micronutrients such as iron to help landscaping trees and shrubs stay healthy. But sometimes you need extra fertilization in the spring as well as insecticide to keep your trees and shrubs beautiful and bug-free. Each landscape has unique nutritional needs after the spring thaw through the May growth season. Trees and shrubs often need the extra nutrients at the right time to prosper.

Creating Artistic Trees With A Tree Trimming Specialist

Tree trimming is often thought of as an important way of improving a tree’s health, but few people realize that it can be used to create artistic and intriguing home styles. Trees and their limbs are a canvas on which a skilled trimmer can create artistic masterpieces. How Trimming Trees Can Be Artistic Expert tree trimmers can remove branches, leaves, and create shapes and artistic looks in trees that can be stunning and intriguing for passerby.

Winter Tree Troubles And Caring For Them To Avoid Spring Problems

After all the leaves have been raked up, you probably think little about your trees. Winter is a time when you want to care for your trees. It can also be a time when you have problems, due to things like dead branches and damage from snow and ice. Some of the common winter troubles can be avoided with care and maintenance. Here are some of the maintenance tasks to help prevent tree problems during the winter months:

Understanding Your Trees: Assessing For Distress Before You Have Property Damage

It’s important to take a look at the trees on your property on occasion. If one is in distress from disease or damage, the next storm could cause the tree to collapse completely. Before you suffer from significant property damage, you should take a walk around your property and look for signs that your trees aren’t as healthy as they could be. With the help of an arborist, you can identify problem trees and come up with solutions to manage any diseases.

2 Reasons To Hire A Tree Service To Help You Maintain Your Property

A tree service can help keep your trees and property looking as nice and healthy as possible. Listed below are two reasons to consider utilizing a tree service to help you maintain your property. Tree Recommendations While many people may assume that a tree service is primarily concerned with trimming or removing trees from your property, that is only a small portion of the services that they offer. One useful function that a tree service can provide is to recommend the appropriate trees for your landscaping project.

2 Insects That Can Damage The Western Larch Tree

The western larch tree is a colorful conifer that makes a great addition to any yard due to its large stature, bright red fruits that attract wildlife, and green needles that turn yellow in the autumn. Keep your western larch tree looking beautiful and healthy for years to come by monitoring the tree for signs of an insect infestation.  Here are a couple of the insects that can target the western larch tree – and how a pest control or tree services company can help.

3 Reasons To Hire A Lot Clearing Service To Remove Your Trees

Did you invest in a piece of land that has numerous trees that you want to get rid of? You might find it beneficial to get assistance from a lot clearing service, as it they will be able to help in numerous ways. Take a look at the information in this article that will give you an idea of how a lot clearing service can assist with your land. Cutting Down Unwanted Trees

Four Ways To Keep Ticks Off Your Property

While many pests are simply annoying, ticks are incredibly dangerous. They spread a host of diseases, including Lyme disease, ehrlichiosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and babesiosis, to both humans and pets. Thus, it’s important to do all that you can to avoid ticks, and a big part of that is keeping them off your property. Here are four ways to make your property less appealing to these nasty critters. Trim your trees to minimize shade.

How To Plan A Work Party To Clear Land

Is your church congregation planning to build a new building for worship and fellowship? Whether you’re moving from an existing building or whether this will be the very first church building for a new congregation, you are all probably very excited and anxious to move right in. If you are on a shoe-string budget, consider saving money by having members of the congregation clear the land in preparation for the actual building.

Tips To Help You Successfully Transplant A Small Fruit Tree

If you are moving to a new residence and would like to transplant a small fruit tree from your current address, learn how to successfully do so with the following steps. After planting the tree in your new yard, it will grow to be tall and healthy as long as it receives plenty of sunlight and water. Materials large shovel tarp burlap water hose rope scissors measuring tape mulch Remove The Tree From Its Current Location

Turning Your Downed Tree Into Firewood: After The Emergency Crews Leave

So, a tree has fallen on your property and you’ve called an emergency tree service to clean up the mess. If you have a fireplace in your home, this is the perfect opportunity to season your own firewood. For an additional fee, some emergency services will cut your old downed trees into functional firewood pieces. Turning freshly cut wood into seasoned firewood requires time and smart stacking practices. These tips will help you turn your mountain of green wood into well-seasoned firewood:

Three Quality Tree Removal Tips

When you want to be sure that you are able to protect your house during storms, in addition to keeping your yard clean and free, one of the best things you can do is remove the trees properly. If you have never set out to remove the trees on your property, there are some great guidelines that can help you in that regard. To make sure that you are able to get rid of trees in your yard, take advantage of the following tips.

Trimming Your Backyard Citrus Trees

A backyard citrus tree provides an attractive and fruitful addition to your landscape. These trees only require light trimming, whether it’s a small lemon tree in a pot or a larger orange tree providing shade and fruit in the yard. Timing The best time to prune your citrus is right before they begin to flower or right after they finish flowering. This is because most citrus varieties are highly fertile, so they drop a certain amount of fruit each year during the early stages.

How To Protect Your Trees From Gnawing Animals In Winter

In the coldest winters of the U.S., deer, rabbits, beavers and other plant eating animals will chew on bark for nourishment. The problem you face here is that all of these animals will strip your trees of the their protective layers, and the trees will die. There are a couple of ways you can protect your trees from hungry wildlife. Wrap Your Trees in Burlap Sure, it looks like you have given your trees some scratchy blankets to keep warm.

Factors That Affect The Cost Of Removing Trees

Trees can add beauty to a landscape, besides providing shade. However, sometimes it’s necessary to have them removed. For example, you don’t want to keep dying or dead trees or trees that are safety hazards. Many tree removal jobs should only be done by qualified professionals. A main concern that homeowners have is how much money it will cost to remove their trees. If you need to get rid of trees, here are some basic factors that can influence the cost.

Important Reasons To Use A Stump Removal Service

Have you recently had a tree cut down, but the stump was left in the ground? Did you buy a home with one or more stumps already in the yard? Rather than attempting to take care of the issue yourself, here are some reasons why you should consider hiring a stump removal service instead: Speed: Most home stump removal processes are relatively slow. Digging a stump out manually could take days, or even a month if you only work on weekends.

How To Use Winter's Leftover Yard Debris To Benefit Your Yard This Year

When the snow melts in the spring, your yard can be a mess with old leaves, dead lawn thatch, and rotting plants from last fall. Cleaning up the debris from your yard will help your yard look more manicured and the debris can help benefit your garden as compost. Here are instructions for you to put to good use the old winter leftovers in your yard. Collect Debris for a Garden Compost 

What's Involved In Tree Stump Grinding

When you have a tree service remove trees from your property, it’s also important to get rid of the stumps. One of the most effective ways to do this is stump grinding because this method has the least impact on your landscaping. If you have one or more stumps on your property, here’s why they need to be removed and what’s entailed in this process. Why You Need to Remove Tree Stumps

Should You Take Down Your Tree?

Trees are beautiful things. However, they can also be bothersome or even dangerous. The general rule is that anytime a tree poses a risk to your safety or to your property, you need to have it removed. Knowing when it’s time, however, can still prove tricky for some people, especially those who are attached to their shrubbery. If you’re battling whether or not a particular tree needs to be taken down, read on to learn some of surefire signs that it’s time.

4 Signs That Your Tree May Be Dead And Need Removal

Are you worried that a tree in your yard may be dead? It can be difficult to tell, especially after the winter storms have come and gone. Some trees take a little while to recover from the harsh winter weather and may appear dead until the season changes; other trees may be dead but may still appear to simply be dormant.  1. Break Off a Low Hanging Branch Find a small, low hanging branch and break it off – or just bend it.

Your Guide To Preparing For A Tree Removal Project On Your Business Property

Trees in a business landscape can seem like an attractive way to spruce up the exterior appearance of your store or building, but it is not uncommon for them to become more of a nuisance once they are fully grown. Between clearing debris after storms and fighting off pests at certain times of the year, you may decide that you want the trees removed from your landscape. If you are facing a tree removal project in the near future, there are a few things you should do to keep your customers and business safe while the work is taking place.

Getting A Tree Removed Is Not A Quick Process

Having a company come and remove a tree for you isn’t a quick process. You can’t just call the tree company and have them come out to cut the tree down the next day. There are several things that need to be done.  1. Regulations: The first thing you have to do is check out the regulations around tree removal in your city. Some cities will require you to have a permit before the tree can be taken down.

Skip The Herbicide In Your Garden With These Mulch Materials

Few things can bring color and style to your yard like a well-planted garden. Unfortunately, without some advanced preparation to keep weeds at bay, that beautiful garden will quickly become over-run. You may think that you need to treat the area with herbicides to keep the weeds away, but there are other more natural options. Here are a few mulch products you can use as a weed barrier so that you can skip the herbicides.

So, You Want To Plant A Pecan Tree

Trees add beauty and shade for a backyard, but when you plant a pecan tree, you get an extra benefit: delicious nuts. Planting a pecan tree, however, is not quite as simple as you might imagine. You must first make sure your backyard has the right characteristics for this tree species, and then take great care of your tree once it’s in the ground. Is your yard right for a pecan tree?

Creative Ways To Reuse Wood Garden Waste

As winter cold thaws into spring, warmer temperatures will likely be stirring you to begin your spring cleaning. As you sweep the dust and cobwebs from the interior of your house, don’t forget to give your yard some attention as well. A hard winter can wreak havoc on your vegetation, leaving your trees in need of a trim, or littering your yard with a stack of twigs and branches. Likewise, you may find yourself with a pile of clippings from pruning your greenery.

Dispelling Myths About Tree Care

Maintaining the health of the trees in your yard is an essential task for every homeowner. In addition to making your property look bad, sickly trees can pose a serious threat to buildings and landscaping due to falling branches. Unfortunately, there are many myths about tree health that some homeowners may believe, and this can make it more probable that they do not understand the needs of their trees or what to expect from a tree trimming service.