Little Known Reasons For Removing A Tree

Trees are a natural way to improve the aesthetics of your home. Many homeowners face the challenge of knowing the appropriate time to remove trees from their yards. Apart from the obvious signs of a dead or diseased tree, there are some other reasons you should call a tree removal expert. 

When You Need Some Space

Trees improve your curb appeal if given the appropriate space to grow. However, some trees don't have enough space to grow. Selective tree removal helps provide sunlight to surrounding plants. It also helps melt ice faster during the winter season. Additionally, selective tree removal maintains safe visibility levels in your yard. It also provides open space to enhance aesthetics.

Undesirable Species

Another reason for tree removal is if you have an undesirable species. Some undesirable tree species include box elder, Norway maple, mimosa, and chinaberry. Some characteristics of these undesirable trees include weak wood that breaks easily, trees that drop large amounts of debris, trees with toxic fruits, and trees infested with disease. For example, the chinaberry tree drops berries that are toxic to both animals and humans.

Trees With Bark Beetles

If trees in your yard are infested with bark beetles, you should remove them. A bark beetle is a bug that causes massive damage to trees. These bugs target cedar, fir, pine, and spruce trees.

Signs that your tree is infested with bark beetles include quarter-sized holes in the tree's bark. These holes are where woodpeckers have dug into the tree in search of the bark beetle. Also, watch out for small holes in the tree's bark; this is where the pests exit the tree when they are fully grown. Another sign of bark beetle presence is if the bark of the tree has squiggly lines running across the trunk. These lines are where the larva penetrates the tree when the eggs hatch.

Another beetle, the pine beetle, spreads from one tree to another like a disease. If a beetle takes up residence in some of your trees, there is no way to save them. To protect the healthy trees, you need to remove the infected ones.

In Closing

You may need to remove trees if they pose a hazard to your property and neighbors. For example, if a tree is reaching toward the electricity lines or is leaning precariously toward your neighbor's house, it should be removed. If you want to remove some trees in your yard, consult an arborist. For safety purposes, DIY tree removal is highly discouraged. 

Contact a local tree removal service to learn more.