When To Trim Or Prune Trees And Shrubs

When it comes to the care of your yard, you want to make sure you do things according to a schedule that is best for your foliage, trees, lawn, and other items that may be included in your landscape. Many homeowners feel the right time to trim their trees is when they are becoming a nuisance by hanging in the way of the walkway, growing into nearby power lines, or scraping the top of their roof. However, there are certain times to trim trees that are the best for them and trimming them during those times can help keep them strong and healthy. Follow these guidelines to know the best times to have your trees trimmed.

Pruning and trimming should be done in the late part of winter

Whether pruning or trimming your trees, you should have this done near the ending part of winter. This time of the year is when the trees — as well as your shrubs — are at their most dormant. This is important because it means that the trees and shrubs will stay strong during the ordeal because this is the time when they will heal the fastest.

The dormant time is also when there is less chance of them getting a disease or having the disease spread through the trees or shrubs quickly. The later part of winter is also the time when there will be less worry about pests infesting the trees and shrubs through the fresh cuts that will have less sap, which tends to draw attention. Pruning and trimming during this time of the year is also easier since it will be easy to see without all the leaves in the way.

There are some exceptions to the rule with regards to some trees and shrubs. With some of them, you will want to have them pruned or trimmed during other times of the year. One example of the exception to this rule would be trees and shrubs that are at full bloom in spring. For these, you are going to want to wait until right after they have bloomed. When you see them in full bloom, you want to act quickly and prune or trim them as soon after that bloom as possible.

Certain maintenance can be done during any time of the year

As long as you aren't trimming healthy branches, then you can remove any of the dead or damaged limbs. You can also have small troublesome branches trimmed at any time of the year. A good rule of thumb is to only cut branches that are so thin you would be able to tend to them with the use of gardening sheers. You can lightly shape shrubs, but you don't want to cut any large branches.

When the time is approaching for you to trim your trees, then you want to call a tree trimming service like We Do Trees, LLC for assistance.