Why Prune A Tree's Crown?

While some trees grow efficiently and effectively on their own, some need extra help. Sometimes, you need to prune a tree to keep it healthy and in good shape. Often, this involves working on the tree's crown. What are the benefits of pruning this part of a tree?

Improve The Tree's Health And Appearance

As trees grow, their top branches sometimes lose shape. A tree might start to look untidy around its crown. It might have too many small branches growing up at the top. The crown might be too large and out of proportion with the rest of the tree at this stage of its lifecycle.

This excess growth can weaken larger branches lower down the tree. If they have to carry the weight of a lot of these offshoot branches and their leaves, then they are more likely to crack under the strain or to get damaged in strong winds. Sometimes, excess crown growth also makes a tree too tall.

Plus, if a canopy is too tightly packed with branches, then the tree won't get enough light. These smaller branches and their leaves will block light from coming down to the bottom of the crown. This can affect the health and growth rate of the tree.

To fix these problems, you can prune the tree to thin or reduce the crown. Here, you cut off some of the smaller branches at the top of the tree. This either makes the crown less dense or reduces its overall size.

This reduces the load of supporting branches. It brings the tree down to a healthy size. The tree will look tidier and get a health boost from the extra light it now gets.

Make The Tree Safer

Sometimes, branches at the top or bottom of a tree's crown can become a hazard. For example, branches that grow too high might get too close to power lines. Branches that are too low might hang over your yard into sidewalks or other public areas. If you have children, then you might not want them using lower branches to climb up a large tree in case they fall.

Crown reduction pruning reduces the height of a tree. If you cut off some of your taller branches, then you make it safer. Or, you can lift the crown by taking off some lower branches to make this area safe.

To find out more about crown pruning and whether one of your trees needs this work, contact local tree trimming services like A Woman's Touch Tree Care LLC.