3 Guidelines On When To Remove Trees That Are Beyond Saving

As a homeowner, you must keep track of various tasks if you want your home to look its best at all times. Given this, you may have trees that beautify your home, cool down the space, and circulate fresh air. However, there will also come a time when one of your trees gets sick, is struck by lightning, or suffers other damages. This will make it a safety hazard, and you must remove it to protect your home and those in it. In addition, you may want to get rid of such trees within the shortest time and restore a neat-looking yard. If this is the case, here are some guidelines on when to remove a tree.

You Have a Fallen Tree

You will find that an already-fallen tree presents an inevitable type of tree removal. Mostly, trees can fall due to inclement weather, old age, and disease. If this is the case, your task is to cut the trunk and branches into smaller pieces and dispose of them. Also, you can keep and dry the tree once you cut it down to small bits if you need the wood as a fuel source for your furnace. On the other hand, if you have no use for the tree, you should hire a tree removal expert to determine safe and recommended ways to get it off your property. 

You Have a Sick or Dying Tree

You should also remove a tree when it shows clear signs of disease and imminent death. Some diseases that ruin trees include attacks by fungi and other organisms that force the roots and trunk to rot, weakening the tree. In such a case, it is best to call in an arborist to take the tree out of the way before it falls and injures someone. 

If you are unsure about removing the tree, specific signs will show it is sick and beyond saving. For example, you may notice brown leaves, dark spots, a generally poor appearance, and wilting of the leaves. That said, the only way to determine your tree is beyond saving is by hiring an arborist to inspect it. This way, the expert can help with early removal to prevent the spread of the disease to other neighboring trees. 

You Have a Healthy but Misplaced Tree

You might have a beautiful and perfectly healthy tree but in the wrong spot. For instance, you may have a tree growing too close to your house or swimming pool. You should know that in such cases, the roots can damage your plumbing and crack your concrete foundation. Hence, hiring a tree removal expert is the best way to ensure a misplaced tree does not ruin your home's structural integrity. 

As a rule of thumb, speak to a tree removal professional to know when to remove a tree and verify which permits are needed. This way, you can ensure increased safety and a beautiful yard.