The Stages Of A Commercial Land Clearing Project

Land clearing is conducted in stages and is a vital process that will prepare land for commercial construction. Bulldozers, forestry mulchers, skid steers, and excavators are often used for clearing processes. Upon the completion of an inspection, a tree service manager will outline the types of machinery that will be necessary for the clearing project.

The Use Of A Bulldozer And Permit Laws

Minimal disruption to land will omit the need for large digging and dirt refilling processes. A bulldozer is a type of machinery that may cause quite a bit of disruption. Due to the weight of a bulldozer and the heavy-duty attachments that are used to clear land, a lot of dirt and overgrowth may be shifted during each bulldozing session. Sometimes, the use of a bulldozer will be essential.

Land that has been empty for a long time may contain mature trees and a lot of overgrowth. If a bulldozing process will be conducted, a permit may be necessary. If a large parcel of land is going to be cleared, a permit may also be required. The tree company that is hired to perform a land inspection and clearing project will be familiar with permit requirements that a customer must adhere to.

The Use Of Other Types Of Equipment

A forestry mulcher is a type of machine that will cut down trees and prepare a batch of mulch that will be dispersed onto the ground. Some forestry mulchers may contain a bag attachment. An attachment will effectively collect small pieces of wood. A mulcher is a machine that a tree removal company may be accustomed to using on residential and commercial property. This type of machine can move across uneven terrain.

In comparison to the use of a bulldozer, the roots of a tree will not be fully exposed during the land clearing process with a mulcher due to the less invasive properties of this type of machine. If a mature tree will be cut down, the use of a skid steer or an excavator will aid with revealing the roots that are under the ground. Once the roots are exposed, a tree company can use specialized machinery and tools to cut the roots into small pieces.

If a client decides to have mulch laid down across their property, the mulch pieces will eventually decompose. The wooden components will aid with nourishing the property. They will also form a protective barrier that will increase drainage and provide the soil with essential moisture.

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