Why Big Trees Shouldn't Be Too Close To The House

Do you have big trees growing close to your house? If so, then you should know that you are exposing your home to various risks by letting those trees continue growing. Here are some of the specific dangers of letting a big tree grow too close to the house:

Its Roots Can Damage the House

One of the dangers of planning a tree too close to the house is that it can end up damaging your foundation. The risk of this happening is high if the tree in question has big roots that grow in search of water and the soil around your house is weak (such as clay soil). In extreme cases, the roots may even widen existing cracks on your house's foundation.

Its Branches Can Damage the House

There are two main ways in which tree branches too close to the house can damage it. One is when the branches accidentally fall on the roof, say during a freak storm. The other is due to constant rubbing on the roof or siding (in the case of a storied building). The damage won't be instant, but it can add up significantly over the years.

The Leaves May Clog the Gutter

One of the most "silent" damages trees too close to the house cause is related to that of tree leaves. You see, if the tree is close to the house, then it probably means that its leaves and dead branches are falling on the roof. Eventually, these will slide down the roof and clog the gutters. If that happens, the weight of the debris may cause the gutters to dissociate from the roof and also interfere with water flow along the gutter channel. In some cases, the water may even back up under the roof and cause water damage.

It May Encourage Pest Infestation

There are many pests that thrive on organic matter either as their habitats, hunting grounds, or food. These include birds, squirrels, and ants, among others. If you have trees close to the house and they have been attacked by pests, it's just a matter of time before the pests make the dangerous jump to the house.

Ideally, trees that grow to big sizes should not be planted to close to the house, to begin with. All isn't lost, however, if you already have such trees near your house; consult contractors from a company like Hagstrom & Sons Tree Service to assess the trees and determine whether trimming or removal (or any other measure) can save the trees and your home.