Winter Tree Troubles And Caring For Them To Avoid Spring Problems

After all the leaves have been raked up, you probably think little about your trees. Winter is a time when you want to care for your trees. It can also be a time when you have problems, due to things like dead branches and damage from snow and ice. Some of the common winter troubles can be avoided with care and maintenance. Here are some of the maintenance tasks to help prevent tree problems during the winter months:

1. Dealing with Insects, Disease and Pests During the Winter Months

There are a lot of insects and other problems that you may have to deal with during the spring and summer months. In winter, you may not notice these problems because they are dormant. Treating your pest problem now will help to ensure that it does not return or spread during the next growing season. If there are invasive species like beetles, this can be a good time to destroy all the waste materials to prevent problems from spreading.

2. Trimming the Trees During Winter to Promote Healthy Spring Growth

During the winter months, you may also want to do trimming. This is the best time for trimming trees for several reasons; trees are dormant, cold weather keeps insects and disease away, and pruning can protect trees from winter damage. When you trim the trees, you can also prepare them for new growth in spring. This will help ensure that your tree has an attractive and healthy shape, without odd branches that can cause problems.

3. Dealing with Winter Tree Damage Due to Snow and Ice

There is also the winter damage that can be caused by branches being weighed down. This happens when heavy snow and ice storms load branches to the point they snap. When a winter storm causes damage to your trees, you will want to trim the branches before spring time. Trimming your trees before any winter storms come can help protect your trees from ice storms that are known to cause damage to trees. If you live in a northern climate, you may want to knock the snow off branches after storms.

These are some of the winter tree care tasks that will need to be done if you want to prevent spring tree problems. If you need help with your winter tree care, contact a tree service like BCB Tree & Shrub Services to help with trimming and care for damage to trees after a storm.