Tips To Help You Successfully Transplant A Small Fruit Tree

If you are moving to a new residence and would like to transplant a small fruit tree from your current address, learn how to successfully do so with the following steps. After planting the tree in your new yard, it will grow to be tall and healthy as long as it receives plenty of sunlight and water.


  • large shovel
  • tarp
  • burlap
  • water hose
  • rope
  • scissors
  • measuring tape
  • mulch

Remove The Tree From Its Current Location

Lay a tarp next to where the tree is located. Loosen the soil that surrounds the trunk. Begin digging into the ground, but be careful not to hit any of the roots. This could cause permanent damage which could affect the health of the tree. As you continue removing dirt from around the tree, wiggle the trunk to determine if it is loose enough for you to remove the roots. Once the trunk begins wobbling, hold it with both hands and carefully pull the tree upwards. Lay the tree down in the middle of the tarp.

Cut a piece of burlap that is large enough to wrap around the tree's roots. Spray the burlap with a water hose until it is soaked. Place the burlap around the roots and use a piece of rope to secure it. The wet burlap will prevent the roots from drying out while you transport the tree and prepare the new hole.

Transport And Replant The Tree

Drag the tarp over to where your vehicle is parked. Slide the tree into the back of your vehicle. A truck will work best for transporting the tree, but if the fruit tree is small enough, it can be placed inside the back of a smaller vehicle. Once you arrive at your new residence, carefully unload the tree and place it in a shaded area so that the burlap doesn't dry out. Select a sunny location to dig the new hole in.

Measure the diameter of the root ball on the fruit tree to determine how wide the hole should be. Add a few extra inches to this measurement so that the roots will have plenty of room in the new hole. Dig the hole so that is as deep as the previous one was. Carefully insert the tree's roots into the hole as you hold onto the trunk with one hand. Use a shovel to fill in the hole with soil.

Tie a couple pieces of rope around the trunk and secure the ends of each piece to a sturdy object. Securing the trunk will help the tree remain stabilized until the roots take hold in the new location.

Water The Tree And Add Mulch

Add water around the base of the tree. If you are concerned about weeds growing next to the tree, place mulch around the trunk. The mulch will prevent weeds and will help the soil retain moisture. Water around the base of the tree a few times each week. Soon, the fruit tree will begin growing and add beauty to your property.

Contact a tree care service, like Hodgson's Expert Tree Service, if you need help transplanting or caring for your tree.