Creative Ways To Reuse Wood Garden Waste

As winter cold thaws into spring, warmer temperatures will likely be stirring you to begin your spring cleaning. As you sweep the dust and cobwebs from the interior of your house, don't forget to give your yard some attention as well. A hard winter can wreak havoc on your vegetation, leaving your trees in need of a trim, or littering your yard with a stack of twigs and branches. Likewise, you may find yourself with a pile of clippings from pruning your greenery. However, there are several ways you can spruce up your yard and recycle at the same time.


Fresh clippings pruned from your greenery can be formed into wreaths to add a bit of spring décor to your home. Hang the wreath on your front door or an outdoor fence or gate. Alternately, you can choose to brighten a neighbor's day and give the wreaths as gifts. For more rustic décor, dry twigs can also be formed into a wreath.

Trellis or fence

If you want to try your hand at a bigger project, twigs and small branches can be formed into a trellis or a fence. Laying the pieces flat, position them into the design you have in mind for your trellis or fence, then tie the pieces together with garden wire.

Home décor

Twigs and branches can be turned into any kind of home décor your mind can imagine. Twigs can be painted and arranged in a vase for a flower bouquet. A small tree branch can be turned into rustic candle holders. Cut the branch into sections, ensuring that each section is a different length. The lengths of each section will depend on how tall you want your candle holders. Hollow out a space on the end of each section, then turn the section over and set it on its end with the hollow end turned upward. Insert a tea light candle into the hollow.    

Burn pile

Don't forget that bonfires and hotdogs aren't just for autumn. Pile the twigs in a safe area and have an impromptu wiener roast on a cool spring evening. Do you enjoy camping? Cut up the larger branches and keep them for summer campfires.

Stump decorating

If you lost a tree over the winter and you now have an unsightly stump in your yard, don't give up hope. The stump can be removed from your yard or, alternatively, you can embrace the opportunity for a new yard decoration. Your stump can become anything from a base for a yard table, to a rustic display for some of your favorite flowers.  

Winter's harsh months may have left your yard a graveyard of twigs and branches that fell from trees weighted under snow and ice, but you can seize the opportunity to make something beautiful from the debris. Contact a company like Tree Smart Inc to make sure your trees are trimmed in a healthy, productive way. They can also offer more advice on what to do with the clippings.