Winter Is Finally Here: How To Protect Your Trees From Cold-Weather Damage

Winter is finally here, which means the cold weather has settled in. While you may be enjoying the cold weather and the snow, your trees may be having a hard time. This is particularly true if you live in a region that experiences significantly harsher winters than the rest of the country. To make sure the harsh winter weather doesn't damage your trees, here are four simple steps you can take.

Protect Your Young Trees

Young trees are particularly susceptible to damage caused by winter weather. However, there are some things you can do to keep the damage to a minimum.

Wrap the Trunks

When it comes to protecting your young trees, the most important thing you can do is wrap the trunks. Wrapping the trunks will prevent wild animals from nibbling on the tender bark, and will also prevent sunscald. Sunscald occurs when the sun comes out long enough to thaw out your saplings and then refreezes overnight.

Cover the Roots

In addition to the damage that winter can do to the trunk, it can also cause serious damage to the developing root system of your young trees. To prevent root damage, you should lay down a thick layer of mulch all the way around the base of your tree. You can use either mulch or hay for maximum root protection.

Prune Your Mature Trees

If you've got mature trees, it's important that you have them professionally pruned before the heavy snows start to fall. Leaving your trees with full branches during the winter can cause them to break under the weight of the snow. If the branches break, your tree will sustain severe injuries. Not only that but if your trees are growing near your home, the breaking branches could cause serious damage to your home.

Keep the Salt Away from Your Trees

If you've got trees growing near your driveway, sidewalks or patios, you'll need to keep the salt away from your trees. You do need to use salt on your concrete to get rid of the ice. However, salt can destroy your trees. For maximum protection, take care when spreading the salt this winter.

Remove the Excess Snow

Fresh snow looks beautiful on trees, but it sure can damage them, especially if there's too much snow. To protect your trees from snow damage, head out and shake off the branches after each heavy snowfall. Avoid standing directly under the branches though. You don't want the falling snow to land on your head.

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