Turning Your Downed Tree Into Firewood: After The Emergency Crews Leave

So, a tree has fallen on your property and you've called an emergency tree service to clean up the mess. If you have a fireplace in your home, this is the perfect opportunity to season your own firewood. For an additional fee, some emergency services will cut your old downed trees into functional firewood pieces. Turning freshly cut wood into seasoned firewood requires time and smart stacking practices.

These tips will help you turn your mountain of green wood into well-seasoned firewood:

Pick the Right Location

Good airflow and sunlight are the keys to firewood seasoning. Avoid stacking your firewood in a location close to your home, garage or any other structures. Do not stack the firewood close to trees or inside a wood shed. Placing your green wood near a wall or large structure will restrict airflow within the stack and delay the drying process.

Use a Pallet

Stack your pile on a wooden pallet or on steel runners. In addition to the fact that this will encourage airflow from the bottom and speed the drying process, this practice can also prevent pests and fungus from invading the wood.

Stack Properly

To stack your firewood, lay a single row of logs side by side on the pallet. Next, lay a second row of logs on top of the first row. Keep adding rows until the pile is as tall as you can safely make it.

For safety's sake, place anchors on either side of the row of logs to keep them from rolling away. These anchors can be simple wooden poles stuck deep in the ground on either side of the pile.

Cover in Wet Climates

If your area gets a lot of rain, cover the top of the woodpile with a tarp. Do not cover the sides. This will help the rain roll off the top of the pile without penetrating the logs.

Wait, Wait and then Wait Some More

Soft woods like pine and spruce will take about half a year to fully dry, whereas hardwoods like oak will take a full year to become seasoned. Waiting is important for this process. Burning the wood early could result in a smoky, smoldering fire that is difficult to keep lit.

Know How To Identify Properly Seasoned Wood

Wood goes through a transformation as it dries. When your wood is ready, you should be able to tell by the characteristics of the wood. Properly dried wood will sport a few noticeable signs:

  • Appear gray or honey yellow in color
  • Feature cracks and splits on the ends
  • Sound hollow when two pieces are hit together

Following these tips, your downed tree could be made into firewood in just 6 short months. If this process interests you, speak with the emergency tree service when they arrive to remove your downed tree. To learn more, contact a company like Arborist Services LLC with any questions you have.