Have Overgrown Trees With Long Branches, Wasps And Disease? Get A Tree Service To Your Property To Prevent Hazards

If you have moved into a property that has a lot of overgrown trees and you see branches all over the house, and some of the trees look diseased, and there are wasps, you need some local tree trimming and care professionals to meet you at the property. You want to have the trees looked at fast, and it's important to care for the trees properly.

Overgrown trees can cause problems. The wasps could also be caused by horned oak gall. Here are the steps to take to make sure the trees are dealt with properly.

Have the Trees Diagnosed

There are a variety of diseases that the trees could be suffering from, and this can spread to all the trees around the property quickly. If you think that the trees are suffering, they may need to be treated with professional pesticides and treatment, and certain branches may have to be removed.

If there is horned oak gall and the wasps are taking over, you want treatment before they start nesting inside and around areas of your home. A residential tree service should be able to assess all the trees and conditions efficiently so you can treat the problem.

Get the Trees Trimmed

Tree branches that overhang the roof and patio can cause significant damage to the exterior of your home. They can also cause danger if they reach any powerlines overhead. The trees should be trimmed properly by professionals so they aren't over-cut, which can lead to killing the tree.

Remove Trees that are Hazardous

After the inspection, you will get a list of the trees that need to be removed. You don't want the risk of trees falling down on your home or a neighbor, and you shouldn't keep a tree that is infecting the trees around it.

Talk with any tree service company you are considering using for these tasks and make sure that they have:

  • Liability insurance for their staff and their services
  • A Better Business Bureau rating
  • Local references

You want to know that you have professionals working on these dangerous tasks around your property and that the job will be done safely.

If you like the shade or the look of some of the trees but you are being told that they should be removed, talk with the local tree service to have the trees replaced. Find out what trees will be less susceptible to the diseases in your area, and what are more robust options to plant.

Don't let your overgrown yard and trees start to cause problems. Get the trees trimmed, treated, and removed if needed right away. For more information about horned oak gall, contact a local tree service.