Dispelling Myths About Tree Care

Maintaining the health of the trees in your yard is an essential task for every homeowner. In addition to making your property look bad, sickly trees can pose a serious threat to buildings and landscaping due to falling branches. Unfortunately, there are many myths about tree health that some homeowners may believe, and this can make it more probable that they do not understand the needs of their trees or what to expect from a tree trimming service. 

Myth: Topping A Tree Will Provide It With Important Health Benefits

Removing the top of a plant is a common way of encouraging growth and a healthy branch system. However, some people assume that this practice is suitable for every tree, and as a result, they may consider having this done to their trees.

Unfortunately, topping a tree can have the opposite effects of what you are wanting. Having this done to your trees can make them unstable, and this may make them more likely to fall over. Also, losing a large number of branches and leaves will make it harder for the tree to recover, which may contribute to serious infections or insect problems. 

Myth: Hauling Away The Debris From The Tree Is Always Included

After your trees have been trimmed or removed, you may assume that the tree contractor will haul away the pieces for you. While there are many providers that offer this service, it is not a universal requirement. Many of these providers will not offer the service or charge extra for it. Considering that this additional cost can dramatically increase your bill, it is important to determine your options for this type of work. 

For example, if the only local tree trimming company charges a high fee for this type of work, you may be better served by requesting service from the local garbage collection company. Often, these companies will charge a fraction of the prices, and this can allow you to enjoy having your trees trimmed without being forced to overpay for cleaning up the leftovers from this work. 

Maintaining the health of your trees will likely entail having them trimmed or otherwise serviced by a tree care professional like Kansas City Tree Care, LLC. Unfortunately, those with a limited knowledge about this topic may struggle to achieve these goals. By understanding that topping a tree is a risky procedure and that transporting the debris from your trees may not be included, you will be better able to get the most from your use of tree trimming services.