Everything You Need To Know About Tree Removal Before Construction

Trees are a great addition to the landscape. Having trees as part of the outdoors improves the overall curb appeal and property value. However, sometimes they get in the way of an upcoming construction project, leaving you with no option other than to remove them. Removing trees for construction is a more complex process because you have to get the recommended permits from the local authorities. Here is everything you need to know about tree removal for construction.

Instances When Removal Will be Necessary

The environmental authorities would prefer that you preserve trees during the construction process. Therefore, they will need a professional assessment on the possibility of keeping the trees. You can ask an arborist to help you determine which trees are necessary to remove through a process known as rough staking. The building contractor should also be a part of the process, as they will help you decide whether a few modifications to the house or pool plan can help preserve the tree. 

Council Construction Guidelines 

At the same time, there are rules and regulations the council has put in place about the interaction between the trees and construction projects. For example, if you are installing a pool, there is a minimum recommended distance between the pool and the nearest tree. The spacing ensures that roots do not extend below the pool floor and cause cracking. The same rules and regulations apply when installing a house foundation and infrastructure like plumbing sewer lines. The contractor will help you create a report on the proposed construction and the trees that are necessary to remove. You should only proceed with the removal after you get the relevant permission. 

Booking the Removal

You should book the tree removal ahead of the rest of the construction project. Do not carry out any excavation before removing the marked trees. You should plan the schedule well and book the removal between one and two weeks ahead of time. You should also be ready for eventualities like grinding or excavating the stump after removing the tree. If grinding cannot fix the problem, the tree care experts will recommend excavation. Excavation removes the entire root ball to discourage any possibility of future regrowth. It is best to opt to excavate if building a swimming pool.

The tree removal experts can work together with the construction experts to remove the trees likely to interfere with your project. Consult with professionals and organize a simple and fast removal.