The Dos And Don'ts Of Tree Removal: A Guide For Homeowners

As a homeowner, managing your property is a big responsibility. This includes maintaining and removing trees. It can be difficult to know when to remove a tree, how to choose a professional, and what the process entails. This guide will provide you with some useful information on the dos and don'ts of tree removal. 

Assessing the Tree

Before calling a professional to remove the tree, it's important to assess the tree and understand why it needs to be removed. Some reasons include disease, storm damage, or growing too close to the home. If a tree is left untreated, branches could fall and cause damage to the home, pavement, or nearby power lines. Once you've assessed the tree, seek advice from a reputable arborist. They can determine if the tree is salvageable or needs to be removed. 

Choosing a Professional

A tree removal professional should have the necessary training, equipment, and insurance to safely complete the job. Always ask a company about insurance and references. Additionally, choose a company that is local. This ensures they know the specific tree species in your area and are familiar with local laws and regulations. 

The Process

Before removing the tree, the removal company will have to obtain any necessary permits from your local government. Once everything has been approved, the tree removal experts will begin the process of removing the tree. The process can be completed in a few different ways. If the tree is small, it can be cut down into sections using saws and ropes. On the other hand, if the tree is large, a crane may be necessary to remove it. This can result in additional costs. 

Stump Removal

Once a tree has been taken down, you might consider having the stump removed as well. This additional step will ensure a clean and complete removal process. This should be negotiated before the work begins with the removal company. The stump removal process involves grinding the stump down until it's level with the ground. Most removal companies will remove the debris, but if they do not, be sure to ask about it before the work begins. 


Many homeowners prefer to have a new tree planted in the same spot where the previous tree was removed. It is advised to wait a few weeks before replanting. This gives the soil time to settle and react to the adjustment of the tree roots. 

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