3 Essential Reasons Why Homeowners Need To Call Tree Trimming Professionals

Do you have a property with one or more large trees growing on it? Has it been more than a couple years since you had a tree professional come out to inspect and prune the tree or trees? You might be thinking that it's silly and pointless since forests grow all over the world without input from humans. While it may be true that wild trees can grow in a forest without any input from humans, there are multiple differences between your tree and a wild tree. Some of the biggest reasons why you might need professional tree trimming services are:

Safety: A tree that is growing in the forest obviously has nothing, aside from other trees, around it that can be seriously damaged if it should fall over or shed limbs during a serious storm. The same cannot be said of a tree near a home. A large limb that breaks free of a tree can seriously damage a vehicle or roof that happens to be below. This is where tree trimming services come in. They are able to trim and prune back a tree to reduce or eliminate the danger that might otherwise result from having a large tree damaged by the weather.

Tree health: When a tree gets a disease in a forest and dies, there are many other trees to take its place so that a person probably wouldn't even notice the loss of the one tree. In contrast, with a tree growing on private property, it's important to keep it as healthy as possible for as long as possible. This means taking advantage of tree trimming services to remove dead or dying limbs before they can make any serious impact on the health and lifespan of the tree. The tree professionals can also let you know if your tree appears to be in need of fertilizer or some other treatment to keep it in good health.

Insurance: You might be thinking that you don't have to worry about whether your tree is stable and healthy because you have a good insurance policy that will cover you in the event of any damage caused by the tree. But what you might not realize is that insurance companies don't want to pay out unnecessarily. If their investigations find that the tree was a hazard for some time and that you didn't call tree trimming services to mitigate the danger, they may rule that the damage was caused by negligence and will refuse to pay out on any claims.