Reasons Why You Have To Remove Your Trees

Trees are an essential landscape feature in your home. Well-maintained trees improve the aesthetics of your home, making it a welcoming and environmentally friendly place. However, there comes a time when trees need to be removed. Here are some of the reasons why you may need to call a tree removal service.

Landscaping Problems

Sometimes, homeowners tend to plant trees in poor locations. At first, the area is not bad when the tree is small; however, the tree's growth presents major landscaping issues over time. One of the main issues that would cause a homeowner to remove a healthy tree is because the area cannot grow grass.

Large trees often prevent grass from growing. This can be an inconvenience during the autumn and spring seasons. Therefore, hiring a tree removal service to get rid of trees so you can grow grass and other plants is a valid reason. 


A dead tree spreads disease. This means it could infect other healthy trees and plants. For example, fungus and mold can spread to other trees, making them lose their vitality.

Diseased trees also attract pests. They are targets for pests such as termites. Diseased trees also serve as shelters for animals like rats, birds, and squirrels. You should hire an arborist to remove a diseased tree as soon as possible. The professional will also inspect other trees and tell you whether they have been infected and should be removed as well.

Safety Concern

Trees planted in the wrong place can raise safety concerns. For instance, if a tree is planted too close to the house, it will block windows, doors, and garages. Trees can also block stop signs and traffic signals if they are too close to the road. This makes them a hazard to pedestrians and motorists.

Dead trees are also a safety concern because they could easily fall and injure those around them. The danger of dead trees is especially great during high winds and storms. This is when branches can break off and cause accidents and property damage. In this regard, tree removal services help eliminate these safety concerns.

In Conclusion

Tree removal is also essential in maintaining the curb appeal of your property. Messy-looking trees, even when trimmed, have a way of making your home less appealing. The best way to determine whether to remove a tree is to invite an arborist to your home for an inspection.