2 Reasons To Hire A Tree Service To Help You Maintain Your Property

A tree service can help keep your trees and property looking as nice and healthy as possible. Listed below are two reasons to consider utilizing a tree service to help you maintain your property.

Tree Recommendations

While many people may assume that a tree service is primarily concerned with trimming or removing trees from your property, that is only a small portion of the services that they offer. One useful function that a tree service can provide is to recommend the appropriate trees for your landscaping project. For example, a tree service would be able to advise you as to what trees will be most resistant to any insects, parasites, or diseases that may be common in your particular area.

The tree service can also advise you as to what trees to use to stand up to the weather conditions in your area. An example of this would be the service advising you to avoid elm and birch trees if you live in an area that experiences high winds or severe storms due to the fact that those trees have shallow root systems that would be more likely to allow the tree to fall over during a storm.

Disease Treatments

Another major reason to use a tree service is to make sure that your trees are protected from disease as much as possible. You can hire a tree service to periodically check on all of the trees on your property to look for the beginning signs of a pest infestation or disease in order to make it more likely that the tree will be able to survive. Some of the signs that you should look out for that can be signs of an infestation or disease are holes in the trunk of the tree, mushrooms around the base of the tree, and peeling bark.

In addition to treating diseases, the tree service can also remove a tree that is too far gone to save. The reason that it is essential to take advantage of this service is that the tree can pose a hazard to your other trees by spreading the disease or infestation to them. In addition, the dying tree can also pose a risk to your home, as the tree will lose its structural strength, and this will increase the chances of the tree toppling or branches breaking off and striking your home. 

Contact a tree service today to discuss how they may be able to help you improve the appearance of your property and the health of your trees. This service can provide recommendations as to what tree varieties are most appropriate for your area while also treating your existing trees for diseases and infestations.

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