Reasons Why Your Sprinkler Head May Be Spraying Everywhere But Where It Should

If you have sprinklers in your yard, you expect those sprinklers to water the grass and plant life that the sprinkler is designed to target. Unfortunately, you may notice that the grass or plants are beginning to turn brown, as they are not getting the water that they should. You may turn on your sprinklers and see that they are spraying in a different direction or not hitting the area they should, and this may leave you wondering why. Here are a few common reasons why your sprinkler head may be spraying everywhere but where it should. 

Your Sprinkler Head is Clogged

One of the most common reasons why your sprinkler head may be spraying water where it should not is because the sprinkler head is clogged. If the sprinkler head is clogged, water may not be coming out of the sprinkler or a partial clog may be causing water to spray in different directions. Removing the sprinkler head and soaking it in warm water, and then using a straightened paper clip can help to remove dirt, dust and debris that can clog the sprinkler head. 

Debris is Impeding the Path of Water

Another common reason why your sprinkler head may not be spraying in the right direction is because debris is impeding the path of the water. If you notice the sprinkler is not spraying where it should, look and see if anything outside of the sprinkler is blocking the path of water, such as a stick or leave accumulation. Water may hit the stick or leaves and then bounce off, going in a different direction than it should. Removing the debris will allow water to flow where it should once again. 

Your Sprinkler Head is Damaged

The final reason why your sprinkler head may be spraying everywhere but where it should is because the sprinkler head is damaged. Running over the head with a lawn mower or hitting it with a weed whacker are common ways the head can get damaged, but other elements, including a dog chewing it and rocks hitting it, can also damage a sprinkler head. Replacing the sprinkler head is the only way to fix a damaged head. 

If your sprinklers are not targeting the area that needs to be watered, you may be in need of sprinkler repair. Contact a landscaping or sprinkler repair company, like Noble Tree Service Inc. They will send someone out to inspect your sprinklers, determine exactly why they are not functioning as they should and repair them, ensuring the parts of your yard that need to be watered receive the water that they need.