Preparing To Have A Tree Removed: Four Steps To Take

Whether you are having a tree removed to clear space for a landscaping project or you want to get rid of a dead tree on your property, there are some steps you should take before your tree service gets started on the project. Here are some tips to prepare for having a tree removed from your property.

Contact The Electric Company

If your tree is close to power lines, you'll need to contact the electric company in advance. There may be some rules you'll need to follow to prevent an accident from occurring. In some cases, the utility company may decide to remove branches that hang over the power lines before the tree can be removed. Be sure to ask about the cost associated with this, as your electric company may bill you for their services.

Inform Your Neighbors

Letting your neighbors know you'll be removing the tree is a good idea for several reasons. In some areas, Neighbors may be able to dispute the removal of a tree if it provides shade and privacy, even if the tree is on your property line. Your neighbors may also have some concerns about the safety of their personal property, particularly if the tree is very large. Letting them know in advance provides the chance to clear items out of their yards to prepare for your tree removal project.

Clear The Yard

Your tree service should be able to let you know how much space you need to clear on your property in advance of the removal. If you are planning to have the stump and roots removed as part of the project, you'll likely need to clear additional space. Remove all toys, yard tools, and other items that might be damaged as branches come down, and ask about steps to take to protect any sheds or outbuildings you have on your property.

Make Plans For The Wood

After the tree is removed, your tree service will need to dispose of it in some way. You may decide to have the tree cut down for firewood or lumber, or you may want to pay for wood chipping services to get rid of the tree. Discuss these options in advance so the tree service has a plan for how to get rid of the trunk, branches, and twigs. Typically, a wood chipper can be brought to the property if you don't want to keep the wood. You can choose to have the chips left behind for use as landscaping material, but you can also have the tree service remove them from your property as well.

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