Mitigating Tree Flooding Damage

Even though trees need water to survive, a serious flood can spell doom for your trees. A quick intervention, however, can help you save your flood-damaged trees instead of removing them. Below are some of the tips you can use to save your trees. Drain the Water If there is standing water covering the base of the trees, then you should drain the water away as soon as it is safe to do so (this should be after the storm).

Landscaping Strategies To Keep Your Property Beautiful

If you are wanting to make sure that your property looks its best, there will need to be a dedicated effort to maintain the landscaping. While this can be an aspect of owning property that may seem optional, the benefits of having attractive and healthy landscaping can make a major impact on the property. What If You Property Has Poor Topsoil? Having high-quality soil is one of the key ingredients to having beautiful landscaping.

Reasons Why Your Sprinkler Head May Be Spraying Everywhere But Where It Should

If you have sprinklers in your yard, you expect those sprinklers to water the grass and plant life that the sprinkler is designed to target. Unfortunately, you may notice that the grass or plants are beginning to turn brown, as they are not getting the water that they should. You may turn on your sprinklers and see that they are spraying in a different direction or not hitting the area they should, and this may leave you wondering why.

Preparing To Have A Tree Removed: Four Steps To Take

Whether you are having a tree removed to clear space for a landscaping project or you want to get rid of a dead tree on your property, there are some steps you should take before your tree service gets started on the project. Here are some tips to prepare for having a tree removed from your property. Contact The Electric Company If your tree is close to power lines, you’ll need to contact the electric company in advance.

When To Trim Or Prune Trees And Shrubs

When it comes to the care of your yard, you want to make sure you do things according to a schedule that is best for your foliage, trees, lawn, and other items that may be included in your landscape. Many homeowners feel the right time to trim their trees is when they are becoming a nuisance by hanging in the way of the walkway, growing into nearby power lines, or scraping the top of their roof.

3 Essential Reasons Why Homeowners Need To Call Tree Trimming Professionals

Do you have a property with one or more large trees growing on it? Has it been more than a couple years since you had a tree professional come out to inspect and prune the tree or trees? You might be thinking that it’s silly and pointless since forests grow all over the world without input from humans. While it may be true that wild trees can grow in a forest without any input from humans, there are multiple differences between your tree and a wild tree.