4 Trimming Tips To Combat Powdery Mildew In Trees

Powdery mildew is a common problem on some trees. It typically appears as a white or sometimes gray powdery coating on leaf surfaces, occasionally spreading onto small twigs. Mild infections are little more than a cosmetic issue, but an extensive powdery mildew infection can prevent foliage from properly photosynthesizing. This may not kill the tree, but it does stress its health which makes the tree more susceptible to more damaging diseases and pests.

Tree Pruning And Disease: Common Vectors To Avoid

Regular annual pruning will keep your trees healthy and in good form, as long as proper hygiene practices are implemented. There are a few situations that can lead to the spread of problems like disease and pests, but these can be mitigated with good pruning practices that prevent the most likely disease and pest vectors. Pruning Tools  The tools used to prune the tree are the most likely vector to spread disease and pests around the yard.

Wind Rock And Your Trees: What You Need To Know

It’s no secret that strong winds can damage your trees. Although the most visible and obvious wind damages may be broken branches in the crown, the roots can be the real concern following a day of high winds. What Is Wind Rock? A healthy tree has a combination of deep and spreading roots, ideally stretching out to a distance similar to the spread of the crown above. This extensive root system allows for some movement of the tree in high winds so that the gale doesn’t snap the trunk.

4 Important Services Offered By A Tree Removal Company

Living in a city or town with trees is a privilege. Trees provide much-needed shade, beauty, and oxygen. However, when they become too large or in the way of construction work, they can be a nuisance. That’s when you need a tree removal company to help. Tree removal companies offer numerous services, from trimming and pruning to cutting down entire trees. Using tools like chainsaws, pole saws, and chippers, they can safely remove trees from your property.

Six Pieces Of Misinformation Out There About Stump Removal

Getting stumps removed from your yard is important. You don’t want to delay stump removal because you’re misinformed. The following are six pieces of misinformation out there about stump removal.  Stump removal services will detract from the aesthetics of your yard. You might think that your yard will look worse after stump removal because there will be a big ditch in your yard. However, your stump removal service can patch up your yard nicely so that it looks much better after stump removal.

Why Hire A Tree Removal Pro To Remove Undesirable Trees In Your Yard

Trees add significant value and a natural element to your yard, making it look attractive. They also provide shade and shield your property from direct sunrays, which helps cut energy bills. However, they can sometimes be problematic in various ways. For instance, their roots may cause structural damage to your property. Some may even attract pests or compromise your home’s curb appeal, mainly the ones damaged after a strong wind or storm.

What Are The Essential Reasons To Remove Tree Stumps From Your Yard?

Removing tree stumps from your yard is an important part of proper lawn and garden maintenance. Tree stumps can be unsightly, create a safety hazard, and attract pests and diseases that can spread to other plants in your yard. Here are four important reasons why you should remove tree stumps from your yard Aesthetics Leaving a tree stump in your yard can be an unsightly obstacle, disrupting the overall look of your property.